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  • Aquine constructs aquatrainers for horses.
  • Aquine constructs treadmills for horses.
  • Aquine constructs hydrojets for horses.
  • Aquine constructs swimming pools for horses.
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Treadmill for horses

The ability to vary with temperature, water level and speed makes the treadmill very suited for rehabilitation processes. Each horse can perform its own optimal rehabilitation programme, within a controlled and risk-free environment.

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Hydrojet for horses

Water has a healing effect on horses. Hydromassage is done through intense jet streams which manipulate the muscles with a massage-effect. The warm water has a relaxing, soothing and calming effect.

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Swimming pools for horses

The biggest advantage of swimming is the upward pressure which greatly reduces gravity. A swimming horse is obliged to use his whole body, without the body being subject to extreme hard labour. For these reasons, swimming is the optimal rehabilitation for your horse.

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