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Aquine swimming pools

The major advantage of swimming is the upward pressure which reduces gravitational forces. A swimming horse is obliged to use its full body without it being put to an extreme test. These reasons make swimming the optimal way of rehabilitating for your horse. Swimming is the best method to accelerate and improve the rehabilitating process without putting great stress on the horse's body.

Swimming is also the only exercise in which the horse has to use all of its muscle groups, which results in an improved metabolism, blood flow and oxygen-intake.

Research has shown that swimming leads to a recovery which is twice as fast and, moreover, that the newly formed tissue is twice as good as compared to box rest and walking as means of rehabilitation.

Swimming is also a perfect supplement for every training program. Worldwide, swimming is used by the best trainers which results in great performances by their horses!

Swimming is very intense for horses

Swimming is also a perfect supplement for every training program. For a horse, swimming is very intensive: 10 minutes of swimming equals a normal 1 hour-training. Swimming in the pool is not only a good cardiovascular training, in which endurance is trained, but it also a great power training. The reverse current obliges the horse to work hard and to use all of its muscle groups.

For sport horses, swimming is used as a constructive training and as a variation to the regular work. Swimming is also used to develop training intensity after, for example, an injury.

The rehabilitation of your horse

Swimming is ideal for the rehabilitation of:

  • OCD surgery
  • Tendon injuries in all degrees
  • Back injuries
  • Fractures
  • Muscle and joint problems

Training your horse

    Swimming is ideal for the training of:
  • Muscle force and dimension
  • Fitness and cardiovascular endurance