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Treadmill for horses

The treadmill is very suited for rehabilitation processes. This allows each horse to perform its own optimal rehabilitation programme, all within a controlled and risk-free environment.

The aquatrainer is used for horses who need rehabilitation from an injury or operation. The muscular training is done with minor pressure on the skeleton and tendons. Moreover, the way of moving is manipulated. Because of the movements, against the water current, horses will naturally make more use of the hind quarters and the back. The water pressure and the massage-effect result in, as a consequence, an improved blood flow in the legs and a more active discharge of waste from the body. In case of an injury, damage is limited and we can see a faster rehabilitation.

A purification installation results in clean water, which makes the aquatrainer very suited for healing processes of traumas. Several sport horses have made a great come-back due to their rehabilitation in the aquatrainer.

Risk-free cardiovascular and power training

The treadmill is very suited for training processes because of the ability to vary with temperature, water level and speed. Each horse can perform its own optimal rehabilitation programme in a controlled and risk-free environment. Graphs allow to follow-up on the cardiovascular and power training.

The treadmill not only aims at training specific groups of muscles, but also the building up of the endurance of horses. Training on the aerobic and anaerobic level is possible.

Rehabilitation for your horse

In general, we can say that the aquatrainer supports the rehabilitation because, as a consequence, there is an improved blood flow. The aquatrainer is also very suited to let painful or healing structures move more rapidly. The treadmill is ideal for the rehabilitation of :

  • muscle, tendon and ligament injuries
  • locomotion of joints
  • stiffness
  • heightened tension and swelling of the muscles
  • painful joints with arthrosis
  • hoof problems

Training for your horse

  • muscle force and dimension
  • fitness and cardiovascular endurance